Gonzalo Guarch: “The History of Armenians is The Most Important Part of World History”

Gonzalo Guarch: “The History of Armenians

“I wrote three books on Armenian themes – ‘Armenian Tree’, ‘Armenian Testament’, and ‘White Mountain.’ The tragic and exciting history of the Armenian people is an important part of world history, and I think that it is very important to constantly keep the memory of what has happened.

The Armenian people, whom fate has scattered throughout the world, retain the faith and conviction that in the end, humanity will recognize the terrible tragedy that happened to them in the 20s of the last century.”

“I would like you to read this book. After all, it is through you that the humanitarian thread passes, which allows you to understand the tragedy of those events. I, as a writer, believe that we are on the verge of major positive changes in the fate of the Armenian people.

I get a lot of calls, a lot of emails. People say that they have learned a lot from my books, and that thanks to these books, they have expanded the range of knowledge about Armenia and the Armenian people. The history of Armenia continues, and we are the active participants in the historical events that modern Armenia is experiencing today.

Armenians have a character that is very similar to the character of the peoples of the Mediterranean – Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, etc.

Armenians have a strong sense of family and friendship. Most Armenians are very cultural people, they are drawn to music, poetry, and literature. Spaniards feel a soulmate in Armenians and can talk to them as to good neighbors or even relatives.”

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