Harry Kizirian – Armenians in the US Army

Harry Kizirian - Armenians in the US ArmyHarry Kizirian (1925-2002) was Armenian-American member of the United States Marine Corps during WWII. He was nicknamed “Killer” and “Beast.” When asked about what was going on in his head when he flew into the air after an enemy bombardment, he replied:

“I wondered if I could ever land again… A bad angel would have come out of me, you see… Angels without wings are as rare up there as marines without guts down here.”

His instruction for the youth was:

“Let me say something to the younger generation. War is terrible. Words cannot convey it. No one wins in a war. Don’t let any historian tell you the opposite.”

Kizirian was awarded many military awards for his extraordinary heroism. By his merit, he is considered one of the best marines of World War II. He is also regarded as a “national treasure.”

This photograph of Harry featured on the cover of the issue of The New York Times Sunday Magazine from June 24, 1945, has become the face of the struggle of thousands of Americans.

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