Highest Degree of Diligence, the Main Trait of Armenians – US Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Highest Degree of Diligence, the Main Trait of Armenians“The highest degree of diligence is one of the distinguishing features of the Armenian people,” said US congresswoman from California Anna Eshoo in an interview with the Voice of America radio station. Eshoo considers the combination of her mother’s Armenian and father’s Chaldean ancestry a wonderful unity.

She recalled that her constituency is the most technologically advanced place in the United States.

“My constituency is indeed the most famous in the country since it is the birthplace of innovation. This is Silicon Valley, which has high importance for the economy of America and the whole world,” she remarked.

Turning to her Armenian roots, Eshoo added that for many centuries, diligence and faith have been distinctive Armenian features. According to her, the Armenian people have an extraordinary work ethic, and the only work style that Armenians know is hard work: “When you start working, you don’t stop until you finish it. That is our work style. Our people have another trait – we have never been afraid of failures and continued to progress despite them.”

Another feature of the Armenians is deep faith, which, according to the congresswoman, was given to the Armenian people by God. “I don’t think that we would be able to survive and withstand all the trials of the past if we didn’t have this faith that our people had been passing on from generation to generation,” Eshoo said.

Regarding the issue of the Armenian Genocide, the congresswoman said that she was deeply disappointed that the United States had not yet recognized the Genocide: “My country has not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide. When I say this, I get out of breath.”

Anna Eshoo reminded that she together with another congresswoman with Armenian roots Jackie Speier had sent a letter to her colleagues, urging them to organize special hearings on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Arman Tarjimianian, Voice of America

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