Honorary Chairman of the Rabbinical Council of Italy Reveals Azerbaijani Lies in Jerusalem Post

Honorary Chairman

“Ladies and gentlemen! I’ve gotten acquainted with the article by Israel Baruch on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I am truly shocked and amazed. It is easy to notice hostility towards Armenia and the Armenian people, to a nation friendly to Israel. Despite the urgent strategic and political need, Armenia is an ally of Iran but at the same time does not show hostility towards Israel. The Armenians of the world, both in America and in Europe, are honest friends of Jews and Israel and in comparison with other nations better understand our issues with the Islamic world.

And despite this, the article contains an outright lie.

The most incredible and dangerous of them – Azerbaijanis are the first Christian nation in the world. Well, the question arises – why not Saudi Arabia? And what is the evidence for this? You were obliged to inform your correspondent that it was in Armenia that Christianity was first adopted as the state religion, even before the Council of Nicaea in 325. It seemed that in such an authoritative newspaper as yours, it would be impossible to meet such a misconception, such a strong sense of lies.

And now, it is quite possible that after such an event, the Armenians will begin to dislike Israel and the Jews. I am a true Zionist rabbi, and I am proud of it. To have such a strategic partner in the east as Azerbaijan is not a reason for other nations to suffer, such as the Armenians who throughout their history have faced the threat of annihilation (and we, the Jews, should well understand this).

I hope that very soon, you will give the Armenians time and place to express their position in order to quickly rectify this unpleasant situation and restore your innate reliability and trustworthiness (out of respect for your readers, including me). Otherwise, how can we, diaspora Jews, trust you if you yourself are harming your authority?

I am sending this email to Professor Antonia Arslan, my esteemed Armenian friend and famous Italian writer. Her pen created the world-famous bestseller “The Lark Farm” (which, unfortunately, has not yet been translated into Hebrew), and she has always been an honest friend of Jews and Israel. I think it would be useful to interview her.

Regards, Giuseppe Larasi.”

P. S. It should be noted that the article previously available at www.jpost.com is no longer there. In any case, thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Larasi for an honest, incorruptible, and principled position.

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