How German people get rid of diseases

How German people get rid of diseasesModern medicine is able to cure most of known diseases. Despite that people in every corner in the world still use methods of so-called “traditional medicine”. Some of them really can aid you in recovery, but there are cases when you should go to doctor instead of practicing such methods.

In Germany people have their own traditional methods of recovery. Several simple, straightforward ways will be mentioned in this article. But we strongly advise you to not rely on them completely, because your health issue might actually be much more serious than you think. If you don’t recover, you should not postpone your visit to a doctor.

1.Tea-Instead of panicking over diseases it is better to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea. The tea is filled with healing herbs like mint, thyme and ect.. A cup of tea not only warms you up in a cold weather, but also helps to get on your feet faster.


2. Liquorice-A known cure against coughing. Liquorice root is favorite delicacy to every German person, but aside from being different in forms it can help with callosity and chapped skin.


3. Mustard-Ready for a paradox? Mustard can actually help cure brash. A tea spoon of mustard will help the stomach calm. Mustard oil improves gallbladder’s and liver’s performance.


4. Gin4.Gingerger-Rich in vitamins and essential amino acids ginger improves digestion and blood circulation. Combined with honey and lemon tea it can reduce heat and inflammation.


5. Cottage cheese-Instead of mustard German people mostly use cottage cheese. It can get rid of officious cough. By heating cottage cheese a bit, wrapping it in towels and putting it on back and chest, also covering the person with blanket.

5.Cottage cheese

6. Bouillon-If you feel weak and cold this meal might help you. The prime meal in the healing list for Germans is chicken broth, cooked on a slow fire. The spices added in broth are clove, peppercorn, bay leaf, parsley, onion and small portion of ginger if desired.


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