I Am A Pole And Everything Is Simple To Me: Artsakh is Armenia – Tomasz Maciejczuk

On November 25, 2017, on the Russian “Time will show” show on Channel One, the topic of Armenia and its step towards Europe within the framework of the Eastern Partnership with the EU were brought up.

Through this partnership, Armenia was expected to be able to carry out reforms and receive grants from Europe which would stimulate the country’s modernization. Russian experts, of course, weren’t in favor of this prospect.

In response, I decided to say that I was dissatisfied. That I did not like the fact that Russia, an ally of Armenia, was selling weapons to Azerbaijan, weapons from which Armenians were being killed later. Russians, aren’t you ashamed?!

Then, I asked a question to Maxim Shevchenko who constantly shouted that Donbas is Russia: “Maxim, tell me, who does Karabakh belong to?”

Maxim switched to reverse gear and shied away from answering so as not to offend his Azerbaijani friends, while spitting on Armenia and the Armenians. I answered for him: “I am a Pole and everything is simple to me – Artsakh is Armenia.”

The anchormen immediately switched to another topic. They hate the topic of Artsakh on Russian TV. Russian politicians and journalists do not want to decide who they are with, Christian Armenia or the money of Azerbaijan.

And by the way, after my statements, I don’t really care that I won’t go to either Turkey, or Belarus, or Azerbaijan. I want to go to Baku in a tank and politely ask Aliyev to leave alone the Armenians who have received so much evil from their neighbors over the past 100 years, including this terrible and hellish genocide…

Tomasz Maciejczuk

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