In Baku, a merchant was made a general and awarded the Order of the Red Star

On January 18, 2022, in Baku, Ilham Aliyev personally unveiled a bronze monument to Taghiyev, designed by the artist Khanlar Akhmedov. At the opening, Aliyev emphasized that the monument is wonderful, to which Khanlar Akhmedov replied: “I did all I could… I tried, worked on it for a long time.”

The decision to immortalize the “ancient” countryman from the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century for his merits was made using the traditional method for Azerbaijan of fraud and falsification.

The article was published on the Caucasian Knot under the title: Sculpture to the Tsarist Russian authority and the beginning of the Great Return to Karabakh

Thus, the merchant Taghiyev, who died in 1924, was “dressed up” in the Soviet military Order of the Red Star, established in 1930. Apparently, they could not make a star of the Hero of the USSR. And here, with a light stroke of the hand, there is a “bright order on the chest.”

Taghiyev was a first-guild merchant and never fought, was not a military man, and therefore was not awarded military orders and combat awards. Especially with combat crosses and the Order of St. Andrew, which was awarded only to full generals or field marshals.

It would be okay if they put on the Order of Heydar, which no one knows in the world, but well-known Russian orders, in my opinion, are even too much for Azerbaijan.

Well, the cherry on top, pardon, on the monument – the collar of a general’s parade uniform on the civilian clothes of a civilian! Why be petty…

And with this uniform and “awards”, in the hands of the merchant… rosary! What a flight of thought..! And Ilham called the monument wonderful – it means there was an instruction from above. But on the night of January 19, that is, immediately after the opening, the “vigilant” Azerbaijanis tried to steal the rosary and broke them on the monument. The author of the monument, Akhmedov, commented on this as follows: “If there is strength, there is no need for intelligence.”

Akhmedov himself would like to be reminded of another folk wisdom: “Neither intelligence, nor imagination…” – complete lies and falseness to suit the political situation.

by No Na Αριστοτέλης: φιλόσοφος – Aristoteles: philosophia

Translated by Vigen Avetisyan

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