Khor Virap Against the Backdrop of Ararat – Photo’s History

Khor Virap Against the Backdrop of AraratAt the age of 18, a Norwegian young man Christian Lindgren left school and began to travel the world in search of adventure, as well as to follow his passion for photography.

By the age of 27, he had already visited 97 countries, including Armenia, taking highly interesting photographs. This was reported by British tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mail.”

“Traveling has been in my blood since my childhood. My grandparents and my parents both traveled a lot when they were young. We had various artifacts from around the world at home,” said Christian.

The fearless 18-year-old young man bought his first plane ticket and began a nine-year journey on his savings. Wherever Christian was from the rainforests in Africa to mountains in Pakistan, he never looked back, although not everything was always smooth.

The traveler not only enjoyed the richness of different cultures but also did unusual jobs in order to finance his trips. He taught, was engaged in agricultural work, worked at a campsite, and even spent some time in a diving center.

In Armenia, Christian visited the Khor Virap monastery located in the Ararat valley at the foot of Mount Ararat. There, he made a spectacular photo of the monastery against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Ararat.

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