Map of the Caucasus by Christopher Weigel – 1720

Map of the Caucasus by Christopher Weigel – 1720German printer and engraver Christopher Weigel portrayed the Armenian territory as a land between the Caspian and Black Seas. Armenia has been greatly heartened up by the emergence of a new generation of artists, lyricists, and songwriters led by the legendary Armenian musician and poet Sayat-Nova.

British historian and author Christopher J. Walker writes in his “Armenia: Survival of the nation” (Routledge, revised second edition, 1990):

“Almost without, exception Armenians are Christians, although often in a sociological rather than a religious sense. Their devotion to their ancient Church as the main embodiment of their traditions, and as the one institution which remained alive when their country was enshrouded in the might of alien empires, is immensely strong”.

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