Mountains in Assyria Named After Armenia – Ancient Maps

Mountains in Assyria Named After ArmeniaThis map was published in Paris in 1779 by leading French cartographer Robert de Vaugondy. It has a number of remarkable features, one of them being the region in the middle of Assyria marked the “Montagnes d’ Armenie”, meaning “Mountains of Armenia”.

Armenia is called “Grande Armenie”. On the map, it spreads to Cappadocia and all the way down to Northern Syria and Commagene.

The area above the mountains of Armenia is Tigranocerta (Tigranakert) named after a legendary Armenian king Tigran II the Great. The region of Tigranocerta corresponds to Abraham’s homeland Haran and Ur on other ancient maps. In the Bible, Abraham told his son Isaac as well as his descendants (Genesis 24:3 to 24:4) that they are forbidden to marry any women from Canaan, which is now a part of Israel, Palestine, partly Syria, Jordan, Northern Arabia, and the Suze Canal. Abraham also told his descendants that they must return to Northern Syria, his home, and find wives there.

Many ancient maps reveal important, valuable, and quite interesting information. Although the connections between ancient and modern regions could be purely coincidental, they are fascinating nonetheless. Source: Ancient Armenoids

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