New Book About the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) Published in Iran

New Book About the Kingdom of VanA new book about the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) titled “Urartian hieroglyphic inscriptions from Iran” was published recently in Iran.

“Urartian hieroglyphic inscriptions from Iran”, which was also published in English, is a collection of unique scientific-archaeological material about the hieroglyphic writing system used in the Kingdom of Van.

The preface of the book reads: “Urartu or the Kingdom of Van is a civilization that has been developing during the Bronze and Iron Ages in ancient Armenia in the territory of modern eastern Turkey and in northwestern Iran since the 9th century BC.”

“Urartian hieroglyphic inscriptions from Iran” was authored by Mariam Dara. Dara earlier authored another book in her cycle about Armenia and Iran. Writing about the newly published book, the Iranian newspaper “Financial Tribune” remarks that the first contact between Armenia and Iran occurred in the years of the Kingdom of Van.



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