Patrik Baboumian – The World’s Strongest Vegan and The Strongest Man in Germany

Patrik Baboumian – The World’s Strongest VeganAs Patrik Baboumian acknowledges, refusing to eat meat didn’t negatively impact his capabilities. On the contrary, he became even stronger.

Patrik Baboumian, a German strongman of Armenian descent, was born in the city of Abadan in Iran in 1979. In the early years of his life, he moved to Germany. There, he would commence his strongman career.

Baboumian’s tireless training and the immense work yielded outstanding results. In 2011, he earned the title of the strongest man in Germany. In 2012, he became a European champion in a GPA powerlifting competition in the 140kg weight division.

On a vegetarian festival in Toronto in 2013, Baboumian set a 550.2kg world record in the yoke-walk. By the time, Baboumian had long been following a vegan diet. Motivated by ethical reasons, he turned to a vegetarian diet in 2005 and became a vegan in 2011.

Strikingly, Baboumian has been able to fully support his huge energy requirements on a vegan diet. The athlete also acknowledges that back in 2005, he didn’t think about the impacts of choosing the vegetarian diet on his physical performance. He made the decision without consulting with nutritionists, doctors, or coaches.

Baboumian used to drink 10 liters of cow milk per day. Now, he consumes soy milk as an alternative to the cow milk. Baboumian also says that he primarily eats potato, beans, and lentils to supply his body with energy.

Baboumian learned over the years that he only needs to consume sufficient amounts of protein to maintain his shape. To receive the required protein, Baboumian included such products as rice, potato, oatmeal, beans, and protein drinks in his diet. He also consumes a large number of fruits and vegetables to supply his body with the necessary macronutrients.

Patrik Baboumian is also engaged in charity and promotion of physical activity, especially among children. Some time ago, Baboumian visited one of the villages of Aragatsotn Province in Armenia where he expressed his interest in financing the renovation of a local gym.

Baboumian also co-authored a book with his bride about his motivation and personal approach towards veganism. In November 2011, Baboumian became the face of the animal-rights organization PETA’s campaign advocating a vegan diet.

Patrik Baboumian – World Strongest Vegan

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