Photo Of An Elderly Armenian Woman Among The Best Pictures At The Photo Forum of Ancient Cities

Photographer Armen Yengoyan’s photo “A woman is always a woman!” placed second in the category “People in the Space of Ancient Cities” at the “Photo Forum of Ancient Cities” contest held in Ryazan, Russia.

The contest was held in support of the International Forum of Ancient Cities held for the first time in Ryazan from August 14 to 18, 2019. It was attended by delegations from cities that are older than 500 years.

883 photos from 26 countries were submitted, including Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Chile, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and about 40 cities in Russia.

Most of the photos pictured Ryazan, Kasimov, Suzdal, Moscow, Kerch, Yerevan, and Smolensk. All photos can be viewed on the official webpage of the contest.

The jury selected three best pictures in three categories – “Architecture of ancient cities”, “People in the space of ancient cities”, and “Events in ancient cities”.

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