Steve Jobs – “You, Muslims, what did you do to so many Christians?”

After the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, it would be great to recall the visit of Steve Jobs to Turkey and the story of a Turkish guide Asil Tuncer, which caused turmoil in the country. The guide told that Jobs considered the Turks enemies, and didn’t even shake hands with him when leaving.

It all started when they entered Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. After Tuncer told that the mosque has initially been a church, Jobs asked, “You, Muslims, what did you do to so many Christians?”

The guide did not even have time to say a word when Jobs continued, “You subjected 1.5 million Armenians to genocide. Tell us, how did it happen?”

The denial of the Turkish guide angered Steve Jobs even more. He left Turkey earlier than intended without saying a word to the guide and didn’t even shake his hand.

The family of Steve Jobs’ step mother, Clara Jobs (nee Hagopian), emigrated to the United States from Malatya after the Armenian Genocide. Jobs have presumably had a good command of the Armenian language, although we cannot confirm that.

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