The Armenian Community of Mexico

The Armenian Community of MexicoDiplomatic relations between Armenia and Mexico were established fairly recently, to be precise, one month after the dissolution of the USSR. In spite of this, an Armenian commune has existed in Mexico for several centuries.

When compared to other Armenian communities, the Mexican one is relatively small, consisting of about 500 people. The first Armenian to step on the Mexican land was Francisco Martin who arrived in Mexico in 1632. In 1723, another Armenian Don Pedro de Sarate arrived in Mexico on a Spanish galleon traveling from China to Acapulco.

Most of the Armenian population of Mexico arrived here in 1910 – 1928, having just escaped the Armenian Genocide carried out in the Ottoman Empire. However, only a small percentage of the arrived Armenians stayed in Mexico, with most of them moving to the United States of America.

In spite of the small numbers, the Armenian community in Mexico is very productive. Many members of the commune became famous politicians, artists, and actors. One of the most renowned Armenian doers of Mexico is General Jacobo Harrotian, a former Mexico Ambassador in the US who participated in the 1910 – 1920 Mexican Revolution.

In 1930, the Armenian commune presented Mexico City with a water clock, which would be installed in the city to become a new attraction for the tourists. Recently, a memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide was installed adjacent to the water clock to remind people about the Turkish atrocities in the not-so-distant early 20th century.

General Jacobo Harrotian.
Armenian and Mexican children: Louise, Victor Manuel, Guadalupe – Maria Theresa (circa 1911).
Comparative table of immigration of Armenians. It is broken down into by periods: in France, USA, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.
A memorial plaque dedicated to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in Mexico City.
The water clock donated by the Armenian community to Mexico City. Park Mexico City, Mexico

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