The Armenian Surb Karapet Church In The Rostov Oblast

The Armenian temple of Surb Karapet is the heart of the village of Nesvetai in Rostov Oblast.

The settlement of the lands of the Don by Armenians has begun at the end of the 18th century. Catherine II adopted a decree on the resettlement of Armenians from Crimea to the Sea of Azov.

In 1779, thousands of Armenians arrived at their new place of residence. They began to build their villages, with the first structures in them being churches. They nostalgically named them in honor of the temples left in the Crimea, as if extending their life.

According to the project of the Taganrog architect N. Muratov, the settlers erected a church of unique beauty on the northern outskirts of the small village of Nesvetai in 1892.

This church was financed by the citizens of Nakhichevan-on-Don (has been merged with Rostov-on-Don) as a gift to the village and villagers. They named the church in honor of Surb Karapet (John the Baptist).

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