The Hemshin Armenian Dialect in Turkey is Endangered

The Hemshin Armenian DialectThe Hemshin Armenian dialect (Homshetsma) is one of the languages spoken in Turkey that are under the threat of extinction, reports Horizon Weekly. This is attested by the data of the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in danger.

At the moment, the language is categorized as “severely endangered.” Unfortunately, the atlas doesn’t’ specify the current number of its speakers. Among the endangered languages are the language of the Pontic Greeks and the Laz language.

It should be noted that UNESCO classifies a language based on nine factors, the most important of which is the passing of the language from generation to generation. A language is considered to be endangered if the current generation doesn’t learn it as a native language.

According to the atlas, about 40% of the world’s languages are under the threat of extinction.

4 thoughts on “The Hemshin Armenian Dialect in Turkey is Endangered

  1. In Armenian tradition, we say “do not lecture the wolf to stay away from the sheep, but safeguard the sheep from the wolf! Consequently, the Hamsheinis are the only ones who are speaking that ancient Armenian dialect. Ultimately they are the only ones who have the ability to protect their language. But if they are going to chose one thing over the other, then there’s nothing much we can do about it, can we?

  2. And the only way they can protect and preserve their language is to speak the language. The languages are preserved by speaking the language. Otherwise there are no other ways to protect them. Hamshenis are the only ones who are endangering their language. Otherwise other Armenians wouldn’t be able to speak in Armenian in turkey if Turks were to restrict them from speaking their native language. Written languages are the best methods of protecting them. But who’s going to write their language for them?

  3. Alexander akopian,you don’t need to worry about hamsheni Armenian and Turkish bigot,destroyed their language and culture.Their sylheti Muslim brother will protect them and promote them.i have many friends.foolish muslim leader,none of them gave shelters of hemshens,but we sylhetis will protect their brother.

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