The Insight of Armenia by French TV Channel TV5 Monde

The Insight of Armenia by French TV Channel TV5 MondeIn a report dedicated to the art of making khachkars (cross-stones) in Armenia, French TV channel TV5 Monde noted that there still are approximately 40,000 pieces of cultural treasure in the form of khachkars scattered throughout Armenia.

The author of the report recounts: “Khachkars are always situated next to temples, in cemeteries, monastery walls, or bridge parapets. They are typically oriented westward. Khachkars have been erected in the memory of those who left or in the commemoration of military victories or historical events. They respect the cross, which is the symbol of their devotion to Christianity and the Armenian identity.”

Correspondents visited several temples in Armenia as well as one of the workshops in the city of Vanadzor. “This city has been one of the centers of chemical industry in Armenia. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its factories ceased to operate. Their frameworks stand out in the green landscape of the canyon of Pambak River.

In one of the workshops of the city, Sergey Danielyan, a graduate of a local art school, is reviving ancient arts. ‘I have already made 500 khachkars, and each of them differs from the others. I believe that God has given me the energy to create a thousand of khachkars,’ said the craftsman.

In 1972, Danielyan was one of the few who were sculpturing khachkars in Armenia. Over the decades, he trained quite a few students. Today, there are many more great sculptors in Armenia, gladly added Danielyan.”

Ancient Armenian stone art (Cross-stones)

Julfa – History of Armenian khachkars destruction by Azerbaijan

The ruins of the temple of Zvartnots with Mount Ararat in the background.
The monastery of Tsaghkats Kar.
Vatchik Simonyan, the curator of the monastery.
Khachkars, steles decorated with carved-out crosses.

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