The Museum Of Musa Dagh In The Armenian Village Of Vakifli – Cilicia

Vakifli located in what was once Cilicia is the only remaining Armenian village in Turkey. The village lies 4 kilometers from the town of Samandağ in Hatay Province.

Recently, the Armenian Museum of Musa Dagh was opened in the village. In an interview with Turkish media, Gem Chapar, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Vakifli, said that the exhibits in the museum reflect not only the Armenian culture but also the cultural traces of other peoples living in the region.

According to him, exhibits from a number of countries and different regions of Historical Armenia had been discovered and brought to Vakifli.

No official opening ceremonies took place at the museum due to the coronavirus pandemic, but after the pandemic is hopefully over, the museum will be open to tourists and visitors. The Musa Dagh Armenian Museum will introduce its visitors to national costumes, historical items, jewelry, as well as magnificent cauldrons of the famous Musa Ler Harisa.


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