The Secrets Of The Armenian Quarter Of Jerusalem

The first part of “Secrets of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem” has been recently published by Koryun Baghdasaryan, Archbishop of the Diocese of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. This book offers readers interesting and wonderful stories about the Armenian areas of Jerusalem and the traces of Armenians in the city.

Referring to the history of the book, Archbishop Koryun Baghdasaryan said that for almost 17 centuries, the Armenian Church has been present in the Holy Land, mainly in Jerusalem and other important cities. Throughout the centuries, the Church has carried out an important mission. The book primarily covers this mission.

Over the centuries, the Armenian Church in the Holy Land has created a rich historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage that hasn’t been properly presented to the public. With this book, Archbishop Koryun Baghdasaryan tries to appeal to this Armenian heritage, making it accessible to the Armenian people and foreigners.

The book is now being translated into English and Hebrew. The second and third parts are planned to be published next year. A total of 60 stories will be published in them.

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