The Serbian Monastery Jermenčić Built by Armenian Soldiers in 1392

The Serbian Monastery Jermenčić

Serbian history and folk traditions have preserved the memory of generations of Armenian soldiers in the Ottoman army. Evidence of this is the monastery of Saints Gabriel and Michael (popularly known as Jermenčić, “Armenian”) 8 kilometers from the popular resort of Sokoban.

Jermenčić Monastery was founded around 1392 after the famous Kosovo battle between Turks and Serbs. According to folk tradition, it was built by the 5,000 Armenian soldiers of the Ottoman army.

The Ottoman Turks had not yet subjugated Armenia which at that time was the arena of the struggle of nomadic tribes and was subjected to the first invasion of Timur. Perhaps the Armenians were part of the Sultan army as mercenaries, or perhaps they belonged to the Armenian communities in the lands conquered by the Ottomans and were obliged to fight like vassals.

Upon learning that the Turks were going to enslave the Orthodox Serbs, the Armenians left the Kosovo field, took refuge from the Turks, and built a monastery in gratitude to God, dedicating it to their saviors, holy archangels Gabriel and Michael.

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