The UK Newsletter “Bible In The World” On The Resistance Of Armenians On Musa Dag

Since 1804, the British publishing organization B.F.BS has published the bulletin “The Bible in the World”. This bulletin has contained information on the activities of its representatives around the world along with reports on notable events in the areas where they have been dispatched.

A newsletter published in January 1916 states that 5,000 Armenian residents of Musa Dag (Musa Ler) survived “a drama”. This was also reported by Bukhara Poyraz.

According to the newsletter, the provincial governor ordered the residents of 6 Armenian villages to prepare for deportation within seven days. But local Armenians realized the purpose of the exile and decided to rebel. They climbed Musa Dag and would resist the armed forces of the authorities for 6 weeks.

The situation of the Armenians soon became hopeless. But one day, French warships appeared on the horizon and assisted the residents of Musa Dag – about 1,000 Armenian men and 3,000 women and children. They would be safely evacuated to Egyptian Port Said.

The Egyptian authorities built a camp with 500 tents for the Armenian refugees. Representatives of B.F.B.S. in Egypt also provided aid to the refugees and distributed copies of the Bible among them free of charge.

P.S. Extra thanks for the Bibles provided to the first nation to adopt Christianity at the state level and who fought with the name of Christ on Mount Musa.

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