Truth About the Armenian Genocide in Vatican’s Archives

Truth About the Armenian GenocideThe author of numerous works on the Armenian Genocide Michael Hesemann presented to the media 1100 pages of documents from the archives of Vatican.

After years of research on this issue, the German journalist, historian, and author of the book “The Armenian Genocide” Michael Hesemann studied documents from the Vatican archives, which were previously classified.

As the journalist notes, the documents are presented in Italian, French, German, English, and Latin. They are entirely authentic and were sealed by the Holy See.

They contain many facts and information about the mass killings of Armenians, including the complicity of other countries, Germany in particular.

“During the World War I, Germany was an ally of the Ottoman Empire, and many German officers participated in the Genocide.

Vatican tried to influence Germany through Austria-Hungary and stop the bloodshed of innocent Christians. However, Germany wanted to keep their relations with Turkey on the same level even if it cost the existence of a whole nation,” Hesemann said.

Documents of Vatican state that at the beginning of the 20th century this crime was carried out before the entire Christian world according to the plan of the Young Turks that had been drawn up beforehand.

Among other things, Michael Hesemann discovered a letter written by a representative of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin of 1918, which confirms that 1.5 million of the 2.3 million Armenians in Turkey were killed.

“It was a well-planned state program. The Young Turks believed that the unitary states are stronger, and to achieve it, it was necessary to carry out purges on a national basis,” Hesemann stated.

Despite the fact of recognition of the Genocide by many countries, Turkey continues to deny it and, moreover, tries to mislead the entire world community. The German journalist is ready to share the results of his research with other historians and scholars studying the Armenian Genocide.


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