Unique Bible in Turkish Written with Armenian Letters – Shumen University, Bulgaria

Unique Bible in Turkish Written with Armenian LettersA unique Bible written in Turkish with Armenian letters is displayed in a university library in Shumen, Bulgaria. This Bible was published in the same year when the Armenian Genocide was initiated, in 1915, when more than 1 million Armenians were killed in the Ottoman Empire.

Supposedly, the Bible was created for a separate Christian Armenian community speaking Turkish. Other books are also kept in the library, like an around 500 years old liturgical book, and exotic Bibles.

“Further research is necessary to find out why this book has been published,” said Yordanka Moskova, a scientific employee of the library.

The library’s collection has existed since the 70s of the past century. Having almost 600 books, the second state university library is a unique temple of volumes, some of which are 5 centuries old. The library also features other interesting books, including several Bibles in Turkish with unique artwork. The library is open not only to the students of the Shumen University but also anyone who is interested in literature and science.

Source: tvn.bg

Уникална библия на турски с арменската азбука пазят в Шумен

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