US Media Articles From 1890-1922 In A Two-Volume Work On The Armenian Genocide

US Media Articles From 1890-1922

In Yerevan, the Mkhitaryan publishing house has published two volumes of articles on the Armenian Genocide. Originally, these articles have been published in the American media – particularly, in “The New York Times” – between 1890 and 1922.

The two-volume work is called “The Armenian Genocide: Prelude and Aftermath. As reported in the U.S. Press – The New York Times.” It was compiled and edited by Archimandrite Vahan Ohanian from the Mekhitarist Order and Ara Ketipian from Australia.

The voluminous material testifying to the Armenian Genocide in chronological order introduces the reader to eyewitness accounts, reports, media articles, and other testimonies to the events happening in the Ottoman Empire.

The first volume is composed of 1607 articles and the second of 1059, and all this is archival materials. Abundant in information, this work is a big gift for scholars, researchers in this field, and for a wide range of readers.

It should be noted that the project is to include a total of 10 volumes covering six leading American newspapers – “The New York Times”, “The Boston Daily Globe”, “The Chicago Tribune”, “The Christian Science Monitor”, “The Los Angeles Times”, and “The Washington Post”.

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