Baghaberd – Kapani Berd – Armenia

Baghaberd – Kapani Berd - ArmeniaBaghaberd (Բաղաբերդ, otherwise known as Kapani berd) is a fortress located in the Syunik province, Armenia, between the cities of Kapan (Կապան) and Kajaran (Քաջարան), near the confluence of the rivers Geghi (Գեղի) and Voghji (Ողջի). The fortress is located at an altitude of 200 meters above the rivers.

The controversial issue in the history of the fortress is the date of its foundation and early history. Most often, the fortress is dated at the 3rd-4th centuries. Stepanos Orbelian believed that the fortress existed in 350 and was used by Arshak II in the war against the Persian king Shapur.

Since the destruction of Kapan in 1103, the fortress was the capital of the Syunik Kingdom.

The fortress fell in 1170. Its treasury was looted by the Seljuks and more than 10,000 manuscripts were destroyed. This event is considered the date of the fall of the Syunik Kingdom.

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