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Ararat Works Wonders

Mount Ararat not only is a symbol of Armenia but also has a special, mystical energy. Mountain climber Narine Jagharyan felt the greatness and the special strength of the mountain.

Narine Jagharyan, a lawyer by education who has been conquering various mountain peaks across the world during recent years, shared her story. In August 2014, Narine decided to climb Mount Ararat and did it.

Narine admits that climbing Elbrus was the most difficult for her. But the most memorable was Mount Ararat, a mountain that is sacred for all Armenians.

“Climbing Ararat was exciting. We reached the summit with a group of climbers on August 13,” the alpinist told.

She noted that during the climb, she did not feel any fatigue or the vagaries of the weather.

“I climbed this mountain not as a mountaineer but as an Armenian to quench my anguish, to communicate with the mountain. Perhaps it sounds a bit strange, but for Armenians, Ararat has a special meaning,” Narine said.

She said that she was very excited, and in such a state were all those who climbed the majestic Armenian mountain on that day.

Narine admits that at that time, she had the impression that the whole team became one whole organism.

“We all had similar emotions. We went to Ararat with special feelings, with anguish… Feelings mixed up – we were happy, but at the same time, we were sad.”

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