Armenian Alphabet in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Statues of Mesrop Mashtots – creator of Armenian Alphabet and Koriun – his pupil and biographer, erected in front of Matenadaran – anchient manuscripts depository.

The Armenian Alphabet was invented in 405 AD by Armenian linguist, statesman and hymnologist Mesrop Mashtots. The language has 39 letters. The writing direction – left to right.

The Armenian alphabet is a prayer. Each letter means one word. It is in the order that Mesrop Mashtots created that you can read a prayer.

Armenian Alphabet, Numerals

Mesrop Mashtots creating the Armenian Alphabet, Francesco Maggiotto,1750-1805

The Armenian Alphabet on an engraving by the Dutch artist Jan Leikin, 1690

Wurzburg Residence, Fresco by Giambattista Tiepolo on ceiling of entrance, Mesrop Mashtots and Armenian Letters

The largest in the world fresco in Würzburger Residenz, Bavaria created in 1750-1753 by Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. It shows paintings of the four continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

The Golden Alphabet is kept in the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin – Pontifical Residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians.

The Golden Cross, fragment, Cathedral of Etchmiadzin

The Golden Alphabet, fragment

The Golden Alphabet, fragment, Etchmiadzin

Armenian Alphabet, Gold, fragment

Armenian Alphabet, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The inscription: “As long as the Armenian speech will sound and the Armenian script will exist, Armenia will live.”

Armenian Letters, Alexandria Library Wall, Egypt

Armenian Alphabet, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Monument to the Armenian Alphabet, Church of St. Hovhannes Mkrtich, Ozaska, Brazil

The Armenian Alphabet stele, Alforville, France

Armenian Alphabet, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Monument to Book, Barnaul, Russia

Mashtots and Armenian Alphabet, Nor Luys, Sochi, Russia

Monument to the creator of the Armenian Alphabet, Izhevsk, Russia

Hermes Armenian Letters Scarf

Armenian Gospel, 17 century, Minas

Armenian Gospel, 17 century, Minas

Armenian Gospel, 17th century

Armenian Letters “Ո” in techniques Bird Calligraphy, Trchnagir, Թռչնագիր

Armenian Letters “Զ, Է” in techniques Bird Calligraphy, Trchnagir, Թռչնագիր

Armenian Gospel,13th-century


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