Armenians From Dersim Talk About Their Nationality

“Turkey should remember the Armenian Genocide and take an appropriate position on this issue,” said a member of the Union of Armenians of Dersim Miran Prkich during his and Dersim community leaders’ and village elders’ visit to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial.

As reported by “Armenpress”, the visit took place on the initiative of the “Modus Vivendi” center and with the assistance of the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia. The delegation included an Armenian from Dersim Zeki Saryjan who had been baptized 2 months earlier, taking the name Armenak.

In the conversation, Armenak shared his excitement with the first visit to Armenia and said that there are still many Armenians in Dersim who hide their nationality. There are also those who are not aware of it.

He added that he had always felt like an Armenian, but after Dink’s death, a lot has changed – everything has ignited and revived.

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