“Armenians in Ukraine” – A New Landmark in the Study of Armenian-Ukrainian Relations

Renowned Armenianologist, Yaroslav Dashkevich, has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge surrounding the cultural, historical, and diplomatic ties between Armenia and Ukraine. His latest work, “Armenians in Ukraine”, offers a profound exploration of the Armenian diaspora in Ukraine, shedding light on different facets of the community and its influence.

Yaroslav Dashkevich’s exploration takes a detailed look at the history of Armenians in Ukraine, tracking their journey from ancient times to the modern era. His work examines the interactions between the two cultures and the significant role these interactions played in the evolution of both societies.

Dashkevich is also known for his profound research in sphragistics – the study of seals and signets, and genealogy. These fields form integral parts of this new book, offering readers a unique perspective. The detailed study of seals and signets used by Armenian societies in Ukraine provides interesting insights into their socio-political structures and traditions. Similarly, the genealogical research presents a window into the lineages of prominent Armenian families in Ukraine and their continued influence.

Moreover, Dashkevich delves deep into the linguistic ties between the two communities. His research covers the impact of the Armenian language on Ukrainian and vice versa, a testament to their intertwined history. It is a fascinating exploration of how language evolves and borrows from each other when two cultures intersect.

“Armenians in Ukraine” is a treasure trove of knowledge for those interested in the history and culture of Armenia, Ukraine, or the relationship between the two. The book bridges gaps in our understanding of Armenian-Ukrainian ties and adds a new dimension to the discourse on diaspora communities and their impact. The unique blend of history, diplomacy, genealogy, sphragistics, and linguistics sets this book apart and makes it an essential read for anyone seeking to understand the rich tapestry of Armenian-Ukrainian relations.

With this book, Dashkevich continues to uphold his reputation as an outstanding Armenianologist. His thorough and methodical research is likely to be a valuable resource for scholars and history enthusiasts alike.

Vigen Avetisyan

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