Chopin About the Country of Armenia

Chopin About the Country of Armenia

“The country known as Armenia was once a fairly significant state, which extended in length from the banks of the Euphrates River to the Kur and the Caspian Sea for 1,500 versts (around 1,500 km or 932 mi), and in width from the lands of the Laz people, Colchis, the Caucasus Mountains, and Iberia to the southern limits of Diyarbakır for 1,200 versts (about 1,200 km or 745 mi).

This vast country contained about 1,800,000 square versts. Since ancient times, it has been inhabited by Armenians who due to vicissitudes threatening their homeland have been often evicted from it in whole colonies and have been replaced by new settlers from different nations dominating Asia Minor.”

Chopin I. A historical monument of the state of the Armenian region.

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