Donald E. Miller – “Azerbaijanis Celebrated The Earthquake In Spitak”

Donald E. Miller, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California, has visited Armenia and Artsakh together with his wife Lorna Touryan-Miller many times.

In 2003, Professor Miller published the book “Armenia: Portraits of Survival and Hope”. In his book, he talks about what he has seen in Armenia.

In the video below, Professor Miller shows several photos from the book. “You see several pictures here of soldiers that were injured in the war and were brought back to the military hospital in Stepanakert. And one of the things that really touched me personally was that, as the helicopters came in, bringing the wounded, there would be women who would be waiting to see if their husbands were one of the soldiers that were returning.”

Professor Miller notes that his Senate exhibition showcasing these photos has had amazing feedback from members of the US Congress. He was amazed by the fact that some Congress members and other visitors have sent him handwritten letters expressing their appreciation of the exhibition.

The book of Donald E. Miller in collaboration with his wife is a synthesis of stories and photographs that have been taken during their numerous visits. The book tells about the struggle of the Armenians in 1988-90. In the book, the authors present interviews with approximately 300 Armenians, describe the socio-economic and psychological state in the country after the earthquake, the results of the war, and the spirit that survived these terrible days.

“I remember being very struck by particularly those living in Artsakh. It was more than just geography. There was a sense in which the soul of the Armenian people resided there. They were not just fighting a war, they were fighting for their destiny… When I returned a few years ago to Artsakh, it was an unbelievably different place, and I’m just delighted that it’s been able to prosper in the way that it has,” says Professor Miller.

An eyewitness to the earthquake, the suffering of the residents of Artsakh, and the struggle of Armenians for the right to self-determination, Professor Miller was astonished by the fact that the Azerbaijanis celebrated the Spitak earthquake.


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Azerbaijanis were celebrating the fact that the earthquake occurred in Armenia: Donald Miller

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