Dzoragyugh – The Oldest District of Yerevan

Dzoragyugh – The Oldest District of Yerevan

This photograph taken at the beginning of the 20th century shows the gorge of the Hrazdan River, the lower and upper parts of Dzoragyugh, the church of Surb Sargis, and the buildings adjoining the residence of the bishop.

French traveler Jean Chardin, who visited in Yerevan in 1673 before the powerful earthquake of 1679, presented noteworthy information about the area adjacent to the St. Sargis church.

“Next to the residence of the Armenian bishop, there is one ancient tower which is built of fully hewn stone. I could not find out the date when it was built, nor the purpose for which it was intended.

On its outer side are records that, judging by the letters, are Armenian, but the Armenians themselves cannot read them. This tower is actually very old and is distinguished by its distinctive architecture.

Inside, the tower is completely empty, and around it are many ruins. Judging by the location, there was a monastery here, and this tower was located in the center of the monastery complex.”

Ruben Shukhyan

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