Monuments Of Historical Armenia In Deplorable Condition

The house of priests near the Kars fortress in Historical Armenia is in poor condition

The Church of the 12 Apostles and the House of Priests near the Kars Fortress in Historical Armenia are among the most important tourist and historical locations in the area and are included in the register of historical buildings.

The House of Priests was restored several years ago. However, it is now used as a warehouse, while items of historical value inside are being destroyed.

Every day, the House of Priests is visited by hundreds of local and foreign tourists. Many are outraged by the condition of the monument. The House of Priests, which is part of the Church of the Apostles, needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

The Oshin Armenian Castle in Cilicia, Mersin Province, needs reconstruction

The dilapidated Armenian castle of Oshin in Cilicia, Mersin province, is in need of reconstruction. This was reported by with reference to the Turkish Dogan agency.

According to local media, this Armenian medieval castle has been used by the Armenians for defensive purposes in the 10th and 11th centuries but now is in ruins. Locals are worried that the castle will disappear soon.

Citizens demand that the castle be restored for the development of tourism. Izzet Kyoken, who visited Adana from Ankara, said: “The fortress is in a deplorable state. My children wanted to see it, but the building was utterly devastated. I’m afraid to enter it. I’m worried that a stone may fall onto the heads of my children.”

Suleiman Carmel, who came to see the castle with his family, demanded that repair works begin as soon as possible.

The collapse of the historic two-meter wall in Tigranakert

As a result of construction works, a historic two-meter wall collapsed in Tigranakert, Western Armenia. As reported by the agency “Mesopotamia”, this monument is under the protection of UNESCO.

The historic walls of Tigranakert continue to be damaged due to the construction of a park called the Tiger Valley (Dicle Vadisi). The Tiger Valley program caused great discontent in the city. A UNESCO delegation also noted that this project has had a great impact on the ecological system in the region, which caused the construction to be stopped temporarily. However, after local elections, the construction works were resumed.

Traces of Armenian people are being destroyed one by one

The Alevinet news site in the article “Traces of the Armenian people are being destroyed one by one” talks about the neglect of the Turkish authorities towards the Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Malatya.

Alevinet reports that the renovation works of the Armenian Church of the Holy Trinity of Malatya have been paused for 5 years. The inscriptions on the Armenian church have erased over time, so it is not known when and by whom it has been built.

A few years ago, the dome of the Armenian church collapsed as well, and the church became a frequent target for treasure hunters.

Back in the days, the announcement of restoration works was received with great enthusiasm by the Armenians and other local residents. However, the organization carrying out the renovation suspended its activities due to the lack of funding.

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