Retribution For The Crime – Garegin Nzhdeh

For every Armenian, it is a duty to continue retribution for the crime that cannot be forgotten or forgiven. Under the banner of Tseghakron, it is necessary to become centralized wherever Armenians are and no matter how they live and prevent them from, first of all, declining to the last component in the spiritual-conceptual chain Race-Nation-Rabble, as well as prevent them from dissolving in a different culture and forgiving the great crime of the Turks that allowed the heirs of this nomadic people to exist, for there is no more disrespected people than this nation that built and ensured its existence on the bones of the Aryan essence of the Armenian nation.

“Armenian youth, can you exclaim before external danger: ‘I am your living sword, Fatherland, and I will bring you Victory?’ If not, you live in vain! If you fail to find courage, woe betide your people!”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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