Samvel Karapetyan – “Leaving Fragments Of The Fatherland In The Hands Of The Enemy, We Have Always Paid With Our Culture”

Monument expert Samvel Karapetyan wrote in 2018: “Back in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, half a century before the destruction of the Old Jugha cemetery in 2005, Azerbaijani Turks barbarously destroyed the cemetery of the settlement of Tsar (Karvachar district) and used its tombstones and khachkars to build a school.

Below is a group of fragments that appear in different parts of the building. As it turned out, they belong to one transverse stone.

Leaving fragments of the fatherland in the hands of the enemy, we have always paid with our culture. Due to this, we now glorify our immortal warriors who have liberated Karvachar in 1993. Otherwise, the Azerbaijani Turks would have destroyed all the cultural values of this region, just like they have done with the khachkars of Jugha.

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