The Ancient Armenian Yarkhushta Dance

Yarkhushta is an antique Armenian dance symbolizing an imaginary duel.

How the dance is performed has great importance. It is believed that when the dancers strike their palms with each other, special energy along with the strength and power of the native land, the Motherland, is exchanged between them.

Yarkhushta was danced before battles to raise the soldiers’ morale, and also after battles as a victory dance.

Despite all the hardships of fate, the Armenian people fought for their land, faith, and freedom. And one of the key forces that assisted the Armenians was their ancient culture, including the dance of Yarkhushta.

Armstyle’s clip published below emphasizes the martial nature of the dance. The dance follows the rhythms of a special Armenian drum (dhol) that is 4 times larger than an ordinary drum. The drums are struck with special sticks made from apricot tree wood.

“Yarkhushta”, the dance of Armenian warriors.

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