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Today's Life is a Continuation of the Past“Our past is sorrowful, and our present life is a continuation of the past. I have visited many places, have seen many countries, but I have not seen a single nation that would be similar to Armenians … If two Armenian families settled down somewhere, four parties would immediately appear there.

For a long time, disunity was the gene that, transmitting from generation to generation, corroded and dried up the spirit and body of the nation.

Many examples of this can be noted in our history, especially during periods when the Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Seljuks, and various Mongolian tribes destroyed Armenia with sword and fire.

The Turks even came up with the saying ‘the head of the infidels will not unite’, meaning that there can be no unity among the Armenians. It is painful to listen to this, but it is even more painful to know that this is true.

An Armenian is vindictive: he will betray and avenge any disrespect to himself coming from another Armenian. But if the same disrespect to him will be given by the Turks or Kurds – or any stranger – he himself will tolerate it with great respect.”

© Raffi

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