Tseghakron – The Highest Value is Nation

Tseghakron - The Highest Value is NationTseghakron (Armenian: nation’s religion) declares the highest value – the own nation. The cult of a nation – that is, the worship of values, shrines, and qualities of one’s own kind – is an essential part of Tseghakron.

Within the cult of nation, there are 7 separate cults:

1. The cult of the motherland. The cult of the Motherland is the devotion and worship of the land on which the Armenian nation naturally formed, built its state and civilization, and created its original culture. In this land lie the remains of the nation’s sons and daughters. For the love of this land, for its freedom, brave ancestors have fought.

2. The cult of blood. The cult of blood determines the spiritual and physical features of the whole nation. Tseghakron preaches the purity of Armenian blood, in which is seen the future of the Armenian nation.

3. The cult of language. In the matter of language, Tseghakron is unyielding: an Armenian is required to speak Armenian with an Armenian, recalling that the death of the language accelerates the spiritual death of the people. Based on this, Tseghakron preaches the cult of the native language, the purity and understanding of which determines the future of the people.

4. The cult of the fallen of their kind. The cult of those who fell for the Armenian nation implies reverence and deep respect for the holy martyrs “who with their courage became like lions and like gods with their devotion, ensuring with their blood the eternal existence of our kind and our honor.”

5. Cult of ancestors. Tseghakron recognizes the greatest atrocity of the interruption of the spiritual connection between succeeding generations, which disrupts the organic connection between the nation’s yesterday and tomorrow. Garegin Nzhdeh wrote:

“If the connection between the younger and previous generations is broken, the current generation becomes disconnected from the values and sacred places of the family that existed before… Disconnected from previous generations, the current generation becomes spiritually baseless and undirected. The spiritual connection between generations is significant. Thanks to it, the eternal flame of the nation is passed on from one generation to another…”

6. The cult of power. Tseghakron propagandizes the cult of force since life gives way to the strong spirit, thought, and body. Life has shown that the winner is the one who is strong rather than just.

7. The cult of the leader. In the ideology of Tseghakron, it is also necessary to honor the righteous leader whose right hand outlines the fates of nations and to whom nations owe their flourishing and decay. Tseghakron demands to submit to the will of the clan and to obey the will of its righteous leader who is the bearer and the teacher of the clan’s virtue.

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