Why Troy Died – Muratsan’s “Gevorg Marzpetuni”

Why Troy Died

“Then you know why Troy died and why many Greek generals with their troops were killed under its walls.”

“I know. Because of the woman, because of Helen’s infidelity.”

“No, you’re wrong. It was because of the traitor Paris.”

“My perception of Homer is different.”

“But the ancient Greeks perceived him that way. ‘Helen is a woman,’ they said, ‘and a woman is a weak being who is equally attracted to virtue and vice. An honest man must protect a woman, protect her, not use her weakness.’

Paris did just the opposite. He betrayed the hospitable Menelaus, charmed his wife with the cithara received from Aphrodite, kidnapped her, and took her to Troy.

That is why all the Greek heroes rose and with numerous troops marched towards Pontus. The siege of the capital of Priam lasted ten years.

Finally, it was destroyed for the dishonor caused by the traitor Paris to the family of the Greek king and his violation of the sacred tradition.

Two thousand years ago, people avenged themselves on those who disgraced family honor. Two thousand years later, they will do exactly the same. What is your opinion?”

“For Helen alone, I wouldn’t have shed the blood of even ten Greeks, let alone of many generals and kings…”

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