Destruction Of The Armenian Heritage In Historical Armenia

Kharberd’s (now Elazig) 600-year-old Armenian historical buildings in Historical Armenia are now being damaged and destroyed by robbers.

For centuries, these historic buildings have survived many natural and manmade cataclysms but are now falling to treasure hunters. These hunters are not only destroying history but are also desecrating 600 years old Armenian graves in the hope of finding jewelry. And these desecrated graves remain unearthed, defenseless against the flow of time.

The residents of neighboring areas often request that the authorities protect the historic area but to no avail so far.

The St. Minas Church in Karin, Historical Armenia, fell victim to treasure hunters

Another historical Armenian structure under the attack of treasure hunters is the church of St. Minas in the Aziziye district of Karin Province (now Erzurum) built in 1790.

Although the owner of the church, an Armenian living in Germany, does everything to protect the church, illegal excavations are still being carried out in its territory. Aside from that, the abandoned church today is a gathering place for drug addicts and robbers. Locals often request that the church be restored or tidied up, at least from the outside.

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