Armenians and Irishmen – Interesting Facts and Modern Connections

Today, only 15 families live in Ireland, and the history of the country is closely related to Armenians. According to the research of Professor Donovan Sullivan, in antiquity, Semites and Aryans lived together in the mountains of ancient Armenia. There, they could have been directly connected to Celts and Homers (the tribes of which lived on the northern coast of the Black Sea).

Assyrians and Canaanites have been perfectly aware of those Homers. At the end of the 13th century, there have been both conflicts and unities between the nations. The Celts didn’t care to leave any trails of their triumphs, but their more careful opponents used them and attributed the victories to themselves.

In cuneiform inscriptions, in particular, the Behistun inscription, Rowlinson has frequently encountered the name Gumiris. In addition, the first mention of the people who would later spread across Europe were discovered in the Armenian Highlands.

Today, many researchers point out the similarities between the Armenian and Celtic crosses as well as the occurrence of the first khachkars in Ireland. Trying to discover the origins of the crosses, scientists hypothesized that the prototypes of the Irish crosses should be looked for in other Christian countries.

The trails led them to Armenia, where during the excavations of the buried Tigranakert in 2005, 5 analogs of the Irish crosses were discovered. Thus, the issue of the origins of the crosses has changed drastically. Such scientists as Patric Voulsh and David Ross actively work on the question.

David Ross is engaged in the study of ancient Celtic languages. He discovered striking similarities between it and the Armenian language, “Today, we have the opportunity to study many of the Armenian Highlands’ regions, where the Indo-European language family formed. Unfortunately, the majority of the studies have started not so long ago, but we are sure that we will soon be able to see the bigger picture.”

A geneticist from the Oxford University Professor Oppenheimer presented the results of the fresh genetic research in various regions of Armenia. The study demonstrated that the population of the Syunik province and the Republic of Artsakh share a specific genetic characteristic with the Irishmen.

Unfortunately, the absence of strong relations between Armenia and Ireland do not allow researchers to realize their scientific and other projects. But the scientists from Dublin have done the first steps towards their goal.

Interesting facts

  • Leading Armenian organizations in the US actively cooperate with and have close connections to one of the oldest Irish organizations, the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). Until 1968, AOH has been considered the most influential lobbying organizations in the United States.

Such known individuals as US Presidents Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton have been members of AOH. AOH has managed to receive the official support of the US in the Ireland’s efforts to achieve independence.

  • In 2009, the first Armenian-Irish forum took place in the US. This was the beginning of the cooperation between the Armenian National Committee of America and AOH.


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9 thoughts on “Armenians and Irishmen – Interesting Facts and Modern Connections

  1. Absolutely fascinating. The similarities between Armenian Khachkars and Celtic crosses have always interested me. Looking forward to more findings.

  2. Western “scientists” do not want to acknowledge a civilization whose center is now submerged off India coast, moving inland with city planning with water collection and waste disposal systems, then moving on when rivers shifted and dried up. Moving into fertile crescent and to nepal, tibet and eastward, with scientific, mathematical, astronomical and scriptural traditions documented in ancient writings. Early migration led to isolated cultures in british isles, pyrenees, finland, siberia, japan which now are traced through mitochondrial dna. Honestly “scientists”: don’t you know that sea level at glacial max was 400 – 500 ft below today? And don’t you know that humans still build great capital cities in river deltas and on coastlines? Think it is a new thing?

    1. and if you don’t understand the isolation, what do modern people do when they move into backward countries. They protect their culture

  3. Related is also the subject of the origins of the true Romanesque style of architecture. The forms appear early in Syria and Armenia. The various gothic tribes also brought these matters with them. What was their language, I wonder.

  4. Hard to believe armenians have any connection to irish. Irish have blue eyes and green eyes, blond hair, fair peaches and cream skin, and in some cases reddish-ruddy faces, most have small noses. Some irish have dark hair, but will have blue or green eyes. Armenians seem to be more like arabs, middle eastern in facial features i. e., large or prominent noses. Their cultural habits also align closely with arab world (hookahs etc.)

    1. Actually, Armenians used to be more blond haired and light eyed such as blues and greens. It’s just that living and mixing with others near us made us dark haired and dark eyed. Most of the time by means of Muslim nations raping our women sadly.

      1. But also like a commenter states, we still do show signs of blond and blue eyes. My father’s hair, my brother’s hair and my hair have a golds and blonds and our eyes even thought are overall a brown color, there are hues of greens and yellows especially in the sun, they look like golden honey

  5. Not all Armenians are dark eyes and haired. I know several blue and green eyed, fair skinned Armenians, with blond hair (as children) or some with red hair and small straight noses. I see the connection.

  6. Dark colours are genetically dominant. That is they will show even if the person carries light (blue eyes or light hair).
    I know of some ancestors of my family having green eyes and blond hair… My son has blue eyes.

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