Beautiful House In Armenia With Mosaic Paintings

The seventy-five-year-old Valencia Davtyan from the village of Arzakan for 50 years has been decorating his house with amazing mosaic paintings.

It is simply impossible to walk past this two-story house without slowing down to take a look. On its walls, you can see heroes of Armenian fairy tales, newlyweds in national costumes, and musicians with singers.

“I have a 10-year education. Nobody taught me anything. Drawing, collecting mosaics, building houses – I watched, observed, and so I learned. I have worked in the police all my life. I served during the day and collected mosaics in the evenings and even at night,” said Valencia Davtyan.

Grandfather Valencia said that nature and even the spirits of his native mountains help him in his work.

Valencia selects material by color and pattern. He abundantly uses natural Armenian stones, such as tuff, obsidian, basalt, and travertine. Valencia was repeatedly offered to sell the house, but he is firm – he will not give up his native walls and the history of his life for any money.

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