Some extremely important documents written by Jean Hardouin in 1729

Is it perhaps too late for the world to discover that 90% of what the world has been taught about “ancient history” are lies that were written right before and during the Renaissance period? Would the world believe it, that is the ultimate question.

Can Armenians recover from the damage that has been done by these Armenian Greeks mentioned by Hardouin who later became known as just “The Greeks”? The Byzantine “empire” destroyed the last true Armenian Church and Kingdoms in ANI and Van and wrote THE HISTORY OF ARMENIA in the 1640s.

They re-wrote the entire history of the world and most of the “Pagan” mythology that mirrored Armenian Christianity. They turned Vartan fighting the 300 Armenian-Persians into Spartans fighting 300 Persians.

They brought you the Khorenatsi, Agathangelos, and the rest of the Church fathers who taught Armenians that they destroyed their ancestor’s heritage and were satraps and slaves to foreigners. Imagine Tigran the Great unconcerned or uninterested in Armenian letters while Christian-Armenian kings cherished them and used the Armenian alphabet.

Will the Armenian Church ever discontinue, discard or abandon Greek Orthodoxy and return to its much older Christian doctrine?

Would Armenians ever believe that Christ existed sometime between the 14-15th centuries and that ancient Japanese, Mayan, Incan, and Himalayan civilizations have for centuries passed down legends about this Christ visiting their land from the Artsakh region of Armenia?

Are they all lying? Are the hundreds of symbolic and archaeological connections that we have made connecting Armenia and those ancient civilizations on our ANCIENT ARMENOIDS page merely a coincidence?

I think not. None of the so-called Roman, Greek, Persian, or Hindu asymmetrical and amateur-looking inscriptions on the temples in their lands match the perfectly symmetrical laser precision-cut incredibly massive stones and temples engineered in the ancient world. It’s impossible.

A very different world existed before Armenian Christianity. A world that we can only try to understand by learning and understanding what is carved on ancient stones and temples because almost everything written before the 14th century has been burnt or disappeared.

By Ancient Armenoids

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