The Victor Pomegranate Tree – Legends of Armenia

The Victor Pomegranate Tree

An Armenian legend says that on the last day of summer, an extraordinary contest took place in the glittering luxury of the palace of father-god Aramazd. All the fruits and berries of the land of Armenia – grapes, apricot, peach, apple, pear, cherry, plum, quince – gathered in it.

The judges were the mighty pagan gods sitting on diamond thrones – Aramazd, Tir, Anahit, Nane, Mihr, and Vanatur. They determined that whichever of the competitors surprised them the most would be the winner.

And here, the fruits and berries, one after another, began to demonstrate their exceptional qualities. Some tried to boast the roundness of shape, some the abundance of fruit on the golden trays, and others the peculiarity of their taste.

Everyone was proud and pleased with themselves until a pomegranate tree entered the room, dressed in modest clothing decorated with scarlet flowers. Everything went silent. The incomparable beauty of the pomegranate attracted everyone’s attention. But soon, the contestants slandered:

“What an unheard of audacity! What disrespect for others!”

The pomegranate tree appeared only with a single fruit hanging lonely from a branch.

“it seems that it wants to soften the judges!”

The pomegranate tree approached the gods and placed its only fruit on the dish. The pomegranate burst, and its juicy grains scattered in different directions. In such a quantity, in fact, that they covered all the fruits with ruby droplets and decorated the magnificent walls.

A sigh of delight burst from the mouths of the judges and guests. The pomegranate tree was recognized as the winner of the competition. And from that day on, the pomegranate became a symbol of victory, celebration, and plenty.

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