Reservoirs of Armenia

About 74 reservoirs with total volume of 988 million m³ are concentrated in Armenia today. It is planned to build another 13.

The largest reservoir in the territory of Armenia is Akhurian reservoir with a volume of 525 million m³.

The list of existing and unfinished reservoirs of Republic of Armenia includes ones of Azat, Aparan, Arpilich, Aghpyurak, Akhurian, Gerger, Yerevan, Kechut, Marmarik, Spandarian, Akhum, Gekh, Jogaz, Karnut, Mantash, Tolors, and others.

• Azat reservoir
• Aghpyurak reservoir
• Gerger reservoir
• Yerevan reservoir
• Kechut reservoir
• Marmarik reservoir
• Sarsang reservoir
• Spandarian reservoir

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4 thoughts on “Reservoirs of Armenia”

  1. Thomas L. Webber

    August 10th, 2017

    We were on our way last month to the village of Tsaghkadzor to spend a few days at the Marriott Hotel there. Once we turned off the main Yerevan/Lake Sevan Highway we spotted a lake or man-made reservoir on our left side of the highway. This had a very large statue in silver of what appeared to be a Mermaid raising from the water! Very, very beautiful!

    Please give me the answers of the following:

    1. What is the name of this monument or statue??
    2. Who was the talented artist??
    3. And also what is the name of the lake or reservoir?

    Thanking you in advance as we await your answers…

    Warmest Regards as we await your expeditious reply,

    Thomas L. Webber

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    1. Vigen Avetisyan

      there is such a legend that many many years ago was in ancient Armenia Queen, whose name was Tamar, which fell in love with a guy from a simple kind of learn it, her father forbade them to meet and locked the Tamar in the Tower on the shore of Lake Van. However, Guy’s love and desire was so strong that it every night crossed Lake Van to meet with Tamar, he podsvechivala from the other Bank of the torch in the right direction. Tamar’s father eventually learned that his daughter tiharja at night and meets a guy, and then one night not allowed her to light the torch, and the poor guy trying to see the light from the torch long floated on the Lake until his forces had not dried up and he drowned. Already realizing that escape he fails, the last words he uttered were, “Oh Oh, Tamar, Tamar, that you had.” This legend told us our driver about this remarkable monument. Now some portion of historic Armenia, along with Mount Ararat and the Lake Van is in Turkey, so this remarkable monument placed at Lake Sevan!

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