The Anniversary of the Self-Defense of Musa Dagh Commemorated in Istanbul

The Anniversary of the Self-Defense of Musa DaghAccording to the newspaper “Agos”, the anniversary of the battle of Musa Dagh was celebrated in the Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator in Istanbul. Local Armenians sang and danced in the courtyard of the church until late night.

The self-defense of the Musa Dagh mountain began on July 21 and ended on September 12, 1915. Over 5.000 Armenians, mostly children, women, and elderly, sheltered atop Musa Dagh after refusing to be deported during the Armenian Genocide. Only 600 volunteers were there to ensure their safety. As for the Turkish units, there were up to 19.000 soldiers in them.

After two months of fierce self-defense, the Armenians managed to escape the mountain thanks to the “Guichen”, a protected cruiser of the French Navy. Repelling the attacks of the Turks, the French helped thousands of Armenians escape.

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