A letter from the French actor of Armenian origin Simon Abkaryan to Erdogan from the pages of Le Figaro

“We, Armenians, are fighting for the future of our children, remembering our dead, who refuse to die a second time.

Despite your weapons, despite your religious slogans, despite your $ 2,000 a month jihadists, you will not win.

Take your dead and leave, the land of the Armenians is the land of knowledge, the land of honey and roses.

You don’t know what to do about it. Here women are queens of joy. Here music and wine are irreplaceable medicines.

Here you can believe or not believe. Because our country is not a country, it is a crossroads. Do you know who crosses it? All of humanity.

If you are thinking about slaughtering us like lambs, know that we were raised under the belly of lionesses.”

By Simon Abkaryan Taken from: Ваго Навоян Sent: Bedros Kojian

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