A Photo of The Family Members of Hovhannes Tumanyan

A Photo of The Family Members

This photo depicts the members of the family of the outstanding Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. From left to right are his sons Artashes, Artavazd, and Hamlik Tumanyan. This photo was taken in Tiflis in 1915.

The younger son of Hovhannes Tumanyan Artashes was killed in the Battle of Arkhava near Batumi in January 1916.

The life of the second son of Hovhannes Tumanyan, Artavazd, a talented art historian, artist, writer, and actor, was cut short when he was 24 years in old. He was killed in 1918 during the retreat of the last small group of Armenians from Van.

The third son of the poet was Hamlik, a graduate from Sorbonne university. In 1919-1920, he worked in the Parliament of the First Republic of Armenia as the head of the protocol department and as the head of the entire staff. He was arrested in 1937 by the personal order of Lavrentiy Beria and then shot.

Ruben Shukhyan : The photo is taken from the Facebook page of the museum to Hovhannes Tumanyan

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