Petros Heronimosi Adamian – an Armenian actor

Petros Heronimosi Adamian – an Armenian actor, poet, writer, artist and public figure. In 1887 a Russian theatrical critic wrote about Adamian in “Odessky Vestnik”:

“Not Salvini, not Rossi, not Possart, not Barna, and finally, no world-famous actor has given us such a pure and perfect Hamlet as P. Adamian did.”

In 1888 he returned to Constantinople. Among his best roles of that period:

– King Lear, Arbenin (Lermontov’s “Masquerade”)

– Khlestakov (Gogol’s “Revisor”)

– Mikael (Sundukian’s “One more victim”)

Being a “great Shakespearean actor” and the first Armenian scientific researcher of William Shakespeare plays, in 1887 he published the study “Shakespeare and the Sources and Criticism of His Tragedy Hamlet.” He also made translations from Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Semyon Nadson, and Nikolai Nekrasov.

The Armenian Drama Theatre of Tbilisi is named after Adamian.

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